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Successful business leaders and business partnerships in Alaska

Miles Baker Alaska, LLC is a network of clients and partners working both in and out of Alaska. Word-of-mouth referrals and personal recommendations are powerful ways to develop business anywhere. In a small state like Alaska, they’re everything. We’ve built the strategic partnerships our clients need to succeed.


Greensparc and Miles Baker partnership

Edge computing in underserved

and unserved markets. Modular, scalable micro-data centers that power communities and bridge the digital divide.

Alaska Native Chamber

Comprehensive support services helping businesses navigate 

Alaska’s complex tribal, Native Corporation, regulatory, and rural community landscape.

Alaska Native Chamber and Miles Baker Partnership
Kallander & Associates
Rachel Kallander and Miles Baker Partnership

Advocacy, communications, 

and campaign strategies targeting responsible development, 

sustainable environments, 

and healthy communities.

Kalb Stevenson Axiom Environmental and Miles Baker Partnership
Axiom Environmental

Environmental management, permitting, and technical support services for natural resource projects in Alaska.

FGN Global Logistics

International liquid logistics and third-party supply chain management services.

Alaska transportation and logistics partnership with Miles Baker

Global marketing, brand and lifestyle consultancy providing creative alternatives to traditional market research and actional insights for clients.

Successful Alaska business marketing partnership with Miles Baker
Alaska tourism, hotel and lodging association partnership with Miles Baker
Alaska Hotel & Lodging

Advocacy, education, and trade association for Alaska’s hotel, lodging and hospitality industry.

Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH)

National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research collaboration between climate scientists, indigenous knowledge experts, and policy makers working to better understand the drivers and consequences of environmental change in the Arctic.

The Study of Environmental Arctic Change and Miles Baker partnership
Fathom Strategic

Media, communications,

public relations consulting.

Matt Shuckrow Fathom Strategic Communications and Miles Baker partnership

Cover Image Credit: Alaska State Library, Winter & Pond Collection (P21-54)

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